Feb. 19th, 2012

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Hi. I found your comm, and I like it, so I'm signing up. :) And since you've made it so easy, I am going to borrow your intro template, so here goes.

Name: KelinciHutan, Kelinci, Kels, Keli, or Kel. Feel free to make up your own variation, if you like.
Age & Location: 27, Alabama
What brings you here? I was looking for other pro-life people to connect with on DW (I periodically check to see who's listed it as an interest) and discovered this comm had done so. So here I am.
Got any favorite political/social/economic/ect topics? Life issues (abortion, euthanasia, abortifacient birth control, unjust war, culture of death stuff in general), obviously, are my hot button. I've even got a dedicated blog on DW for it, though I'm not as diligent about updating it as I should be. Aside from that, I'm a feminist and a Reganomics-style economist.
What else interests you? Fandom. I'm a huge fandom junkie. I've been writing fanfic since...2004? 2005? A while, anyway, though again, I'm not as diligent as I'd like. I lurk at [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets a lot, and I'm a mod on a hilariously snark-less snark forum.
Ask a random question of your new comm buddies: Do you have a system for eating M&Ms? If yes, please describe it.
Answer the questions asked in previous intro posts:
  1. When was the last time a liberal drove you crazy? ;) Hrm... Oh, it was the other week. A group of them were whining about the proposed Oklahoma law that would ban any food that used fetal stem cells either in the food or in its research (as far as I know the first doesn't happen yet, but the second definitely does, unfortunately) and someone decided it would be great to HILARIOUSLY compare women with a pro-life viewpoint to aphids because aphids are "easy to breed." Because that's not anti-feminist in anyway, whatsoever, at all, right? *raeg*

  2. The age old question: you’re POTUS for a day. What 3 things would you do? Reinstitute the Mexico City Policy, get Congress to try and push through a national fetal pain bill in time for me to sign it, and institute an immigration reform that would include actually enforcing the border.

So, there you go. Nice to meet you. :)

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