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So, the Republican National Convention was a good watch. I really enjoyed the speeches from (Ann) Romney, Ryan, and Rubio. Romney-the-Presidential-Candidate's speech was not bad, but not quite as interesting. I was glad to hear Obama's top-down approach to government so thoroughly repudiated. As Marco Rubio said, "These are ideas people come to America to get away from" and I've seen the mess those ideas made in Indonesia enough to be certain that we don't want them here.

I also enjoyed observing the leftie obsession with "dog whistles" and how basically every other thing any of the speakers said was a dog whistle. Usually a racist one. My thoughts on that phenomenon are pretty well summed up by this article. I heard maybe one thing that would qualify as a dog whistle, and that was the end of Paul Ryan's speech when he condemned the left for perpetuating pro-abortion oppression, but he didn't use the word "abortion" to do it. I haven't seen these comments roundedly denigrated by every media outlet ever, as I had expected when he chose to end his speech on a pro-life note, so I'm wondering if perhaps that flew over the heads of those not in the pro-life movement.

I did notice, however, a lot of claims that most of the speeches didn't make policy statements, so I'm wondering if all of those were "dog whistles," too? I thought I heard some pretty clear ones from Romney towards the end there. Or maybe it's just that those on the right are familiar with the Republican platform already, and so the RNC is more interested in defining the reasons they adopted that platform then they are in telling people stuff they already know. I don't know that Democrats truly are better at making policy statements, but there seems to be broad agreement that they do make them more often. So, I'm wondering if that's because they feel (correctly or incorrectly) that people don't know what their policies are and they need to tell people.


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