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Let's go ahead and get through the housekeeping.

1) Conservatives and Libertarians only! 
While there is no litmus test for what a conservative must believe, generally, we know who we are. Sorry libbies: we love ya', we know you're the balance we need to effectively ferret out the best ideas to run the nation, but we don't need your shining smiling faces here. This comm is intended to be a place where those of us on the right can discuss our right-leaning views free of leftist views and opinions. Debates will surely occur, but righty debates with righty ideas and solutions. Lefty posters will be banned and their comments deleted, so please respect our right to have a forum all our own, because we would hate to ban someone for a perfectly valid opinion. :) 

2) There is no tolerance for violence. 
Threats, talk of assassination, violence, rape etc, or any harmful intents, including "jokes," will result in an instaban and potentially a report to the proper authorities. No exceptions.

3) No douchebaggery. 
This includes but is not limited to name-calling, personal attacks, trolling, abusive comments, hateful rhetoric, racism, antisemitism, sexism, posting someone else's personal information, stalking a comm member, or generally any other form of behavior that intends to make a user feel unwelcome: it's all prohibited. You can be banned for these offenses, sometimes even without warning, so please just be civil.

4) Posts to the comm should be conservative/libertarian in topic.
Though not necessarily political in nature, your posts should relate somehow to conservative/libertarian values. Off-topic posts will appear sporadically from the mods; if you have an idea for one, let us know via PM. Also, please utilize tags so we can keep the comm neat and orderly together.

5) Introduction posts are welcomed and encouraged!
...But please request permission before pimping your comms or sites. You'll find an optional template in the Meet the Mods post if you need an idea for introducing yourself.

6) OPs require links.
If you post a topic, and you have a source, we wanna see it too! 

7) Please be bandwidth and Reading Page friendly!
Images larger than 500x500 and any and all videos should be below a cut. Lengthy entries should also be placed at least partially behind a cut. If you don't know how to do a cut, contact a mod first before posting. Either of us will happily provide you the code you need for your cut. Posts which ignore this rule are subject to deletion.

8) Please be work appropriate.
NSFW topics must be marked as such in the title and placed entirely behind cuts with the exception of a warning of what lies beneath. 
Example: NSFW Warning: Contains mentions of rape, vulgar language, sexist comments, and racial slurs
NSFW topics would be anything you think your boss would feel you shouldn't be reading at work; please think of your fellow members. If you don't know how to do a cut, contact a mod first before posting. Either of us will happily provide you the code you need for your cut. Posts which ignore this rule are subject to deletion.

9) No obscenity or vulgarity.
Nude images, icons, or links to sites which contain such are strictly prohibited. Comments and posts containing such will be deleted. While cursing and cursing icons are acceptable, please keep in mind that your fellow members may be at work reading these posts; try to limit at least the icons to the NSFW posts as much as possible. Ultimately, responsibility lies with the reader for what they read.

10) Self-governance is key.
Most of these rules are common sense and probably don't need to be stated, but they are written just in case. As believers in small government, we believe the members of this comm will be well-suited for self-governance. If you see a poster violate a rule, politely apprise them of their mistake so it can be addressed before a mod has to get involved. In general, we would prefer to be as hands-off as possible and let you guys shape the comm as you may. If there is an egregious violation, contact a mod via PM and we'll address the issue as quickly as possible. Don't feed trolls should they appear, etc etc. You know the drill. :)

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Post them below or PM myself or [personal profile] muffinbutton, and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.
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