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Salutations, rightly buddies, and welcome to [community profile] right_angles!

We’re glad to have you, and we hope you’ll stick around. Especially in an election year, things are bound to get entertaining soon! Please spread the word to your friends who may be interested: the more people, the better!

There’s not much to say here, except to check out The Rules page; feel free to start posting as soon as you’d like after reading through. We’d prefer it if you introduced yourself first, but it’s certainly not a requirement. As promised on our profile page, here’s a quick introductory template if you’d like to use one:

Of course, if we’re asking you to introduce yourselves, it’s only natural that we do the same!

Name: Jackie/Jacks
Age & Location: 25; Texas
What brings you here? Well, I was looking for conservative comms to join, at which point I noticed they were few and far between here on DW, and none of them were current. I decided to step in and fill the void; I hope we can build a diverse little community here. I’m also hoping to make some friends; you can never have too many conservabuddies!
Got any favorite political/social/economic/ect topics? I’m really into the whole internet regulations thing right now; more broadly, you may say anything to do with copyright law. Government spending and economics are also big interests for me, though truthfully, just about anything political will get me going.
What else interests you? I’m a writer: fanfiction, political nonfiction, and original fiction. I love superhero movies, all things Disney and DreamWorks, and Robert Downey Jr. South Park, Family Guy, and American Dad are funny shows, if some episodes are just too inappropriate for this Christian chica. I’m also huge video game fanatic: Halo is my favorite game, but you’ll catch me on MW3, Arkham City, and Skyrim, too. Lastly, web design and photo editing are become more entertaining the more I learn about them.
Ask a random question of your new comm buddies: When was the last time a liberal drove you crazy? ;)

Name: Muffin or Terri
Age & Location:25, Texas
What brings you here? I need…an outlet. My friends are mostly liberal, so normally if I want to talk politics, it ends up starts out as an argument. Liberal friends rock –they are just politically misguided. :D Arguing with them is fun sometimes… just not every time I want to talk politics. Even my boyfriend is a moderate, at best. But he cares very little for politics –in fact, I put the topic on a never-talk-about list with him because he’s one of those that just gets frustrated when we disagree. So yeah… A conservative haven? NEED IT!!
Got any favorite political/social/economic/ect topics? Uhm… Like most of the internet, I’m concerned about the inevitable return of SOPA and PIPA. I’m also quite interested in the GOP Primaries right now –namely, the politics going down between the states obeying the rules and those who are cheating them. And I’d very much like to see the immigration system as a whole reformed; I feel like that, combined with stronger penalties to business hiring enslaving illegal migrants would fix a lot of the problems we have now.
What else interests you? Art, Animation, Gaming (360), Girlie stuff… Idk.
Ask a random question of your new comm buddies: The age old question: you’re POTUS for a day. What 3 things would you do?

It should also be mentioned that we mods are twin sisters. Yes, we are identical. :)

We’re open to suggestions if you have any at all. Our chief concern is to foster an environment in which we righties can freely express ourselves without the molestation of leftward criticism.

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