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Salutations, rightly buddies, and welcome to [community profile] right_angles!

We’re glad to have you, and we hope you’ll stick around. Especially in an election year, things are bound to get entertaining soon! Please spread the word to your friends who may be interested: the more people, the better!

There’s not much to say here, except to check out The Rules page; feel free to start posting as soon as you’d like after reading through. We’d prefer it if you introduced yourself first, but it’s certainly not a requirement. As promised on our profile page, here’s a quick introductory template if you’d like to use one:

Of course, if we’re asking you to introduce yourselves, it’s only natural that we do the same!

Meet the Mods )

It should also be mentioned that we mods are twin sisters. Yes, we are identical. :)

We’re open to suggestions if you have any at all. Our chief concern is to foster an environment in which we righties can freely express ourselves without the molestation of leftward criticism.
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Let's go ahead and get through the housekeeping.

Please read all rules before participating in the comm. )

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Post them below or PM myself or [personal profile] muffinbutton, and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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