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Community description:Conservatives & Libertarians: Gather!
Conservatives and libertarians, gather ‘round!

Do you enjoy the occasional or even frequent political discussion about current events, but are you tired of every conversation being derailed by a lefty onto Bush and the War in Iraq? Are you exhausted of having to explain every facet of why you believe what you believe, asserting you’re not a Rush Limbaugh robot, chasing alternate rabbit holes, and never really getting to the point? Have you ever been nervous to post your political opinions on your own journal for fear of what your leftward friends might do, including possibly unfriending you? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just have a discussion with fellow righties in which you could avoid the emotional minutia in favor of rationality and facts?

Then welcome, friend, to [community profile] right_angles.

Now we paint a picture above of the worst lefty debaters and friends around, and we’re well aware they’re not all like that. In fact, deep down, we appreciate their altering views, because at the very least, they challenge our own. Nonetheless, if you’re reading this page and your views fall left of center, kindly click the back button, because this comm is not for you.

Right Angles is meant to be a community of rightly thinking friends and acquaintances in which we can openly discuss our righty takes on things. From politics to culture, from the economy to the plights of society, even from fandom to art or the US to the UK: if it’s right, we want to talk about it here! There are, of course, several angles of conservatism, so while this is a place for rightward discussion, please keep in mind it is by no means a debate-free zone: there’s plenty to debate on this side of the aisle.

Please read The Rules before posting or commenting, and be sure to introduce yourself to the comm with a quick entry, because we’d love to know a little about you! If you don’t know what to write, check out the Meet the Mods post for brief template!

Speaking of mods, we are [personal profile] fantastic_jackie & [personal profile] muffinbutton: we both work full time and have other responsibilities (such is life), but if you contact us by PM, we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. :) :)
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